Institute of Language

Primarily web-based language service provider currently under development. Kickstarter to begin in November 2020!

Confirmed languages thus far: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Klingon

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Side projects

Top Ten Languages

As a side project of the Institute of Language, Top Ten Languages is set to become a semi-promotional information portal packed with facts about some of the most useful languages in the world and featuring a number of free introductory-level language courses.


Memorization App

A digital flashcard tool based on the Leitner method of spaced repetition, currently under development for the Institute of Language.

Top Tutor

With a current total of four course categories including private tutoring, languages, business and music, Top Tutor has been focussing on providing high-quality online courses to the German and English-speaking market since November 2017.

The website's usability is currently being reworked.

International Service Agency

Coming soon!