About me

"Knowledge is power."
― Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan  


• English and German
• IT

As a teacher, it is my greatest passion to aquire knowledge and experience and to pass it on to others who seek the same. I specialise in vocational British English and High German but have also taught other subjects such as Maths, Physics and Material Sciences to adolescents and adults. In my lessons, I largely avoid the dry perils of lecturing in favour of ensuring that my students actually understand the subject matter, and therefore strive to offer a high degree of interactivity.

I offer English and German lessons for groups and single students, including web-based seminars and coaching; translation services (English to German, German to English; British and American English); language consulting (including evaluation, proof-reading and editing); as well as mediation and team coaching.

Currently, I am working as an IT consultant for Allianz Technology in Munich, but continue to develop as a teacher and project leader.


• Party for Health Research 

I am also a member of three political parties in Germany, the Party of Humanists, the Transhuman Party and the Party for Health Research - all of which bear a strong focus on education and science - and hold the office of vice-chairman for the latter in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.


Further interests include philosophy, psychology, medicine and relating technical fields as well as a number of entrepreneurial endeavours.
For more information about me and the services I provide, please see my curriculum vitae and references.